60 Big vehicles available on our platform

From off-highway dump truck to water trucks

Great opportunities for our clients were added to our collaborative platform during June, thanks to the confidence that INEXLINK has been building in the market and the growing interest and participation of companies in the circular economy.

These are 39 Komatsu and Caterpillar off-highway dump trucks, 10 Bucyrus and Sandvik drills, 5 Bucyrus electric shovels, 3 Komatsu water trucks, 2 Komatsu excavators and 1 Caterpillar front loader.

You can get more information on these and other equipment in our Featured stock section.

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We remind you that on our platform, in addition to being able to obtain industrial articles, mostly new, at prices outside the market and with limited delivery times, it is possible to reuse them instead of discarding or storing them for a long time.

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